Welcome and thank you for stopping by. A writer’s life is a solitary one. It is hard for me to respond to all the mail that I receive so I’ve set up this home page to answer some of the questions you’ve asked over the years. It’s my way of keeping the lines of communication open. And I hope you’ll use the email address to write to me with your comments and suggestions, thoughts and reflections.I’ve included a number of my past stories and will add more as time goes by. If you recognize yourself, your family, your history in them, don’t be surprised. I’m not. I like to think that our similarities are greater than our differences. If my stories are, as one reader wrote, “universal” then it is because, despite our uniqueness, we all still care about many of the same things.

Do let me know what you care about. I’d like to hear. Please email me at: fab (at) faithandrewsbedford.com