From Painter to Printmaker

By the time Frank W. Benson was fifty, he was internationally famous and his career was secure.  The painter who won every award the art world had to offer, whom journalists dubbed “America’s most medalled artist,” was in great demand as a portraitist. His sparkling, sun-drenched paintings of his children at their summer home on Maine’s North …

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Benson’s Duxbury Legacy

It was my pleasure to speak to the Duxbury Art Association about Frank W. Benson’s deep roots in the area’s art community. Here’s an article from the Duxbury Clipper.

Spring Migrations

It is March. From the window above my desk, I can see geese heading north making a graceful “V” against the pale spring sky.  Some ducks have stopped to rest at the lake on the bottom of the hill.  The patterns these migrating wildfowl make as they wing their way to their summer homes remind …

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Barefoot Summers

For years, the readers of Country Living have adored Faith Andrews Bedford’s evocative stories, featured in her beloved bi-monthly column, “Kids in the Country.” This enchanting collection invites everyone to join Bedford as she movingly recaptures the modest triumphs of children, the importance of family traditions, and the simple pleasures of country life. In “Sister …

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Impressionist Summers

This book focuses on Frank W. Benson’s life and work in Maine, where he spent summers on North Haven Island, at Wooster Farm. It was there that he painted almost all of his brilliant, light-filled Impressionist paintings, launched his prolific etching career, and began his highly successful watercolor period, many of which are illustrated. Also …

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